Mohabbat Hamsafar Meri on TV ONE Episode 7

Pakistani Drama Mohabbat Hamsafar Meri on TV ONE Episode 7

A gripping saga about people on a journey of love.But hatred and intrigue block their path.
This is a story of Sarim and Aini who have to fight for their love. But after every battle a new challenge emerges.
A story of Sara and Adnan who just want to live a happy married life.But Sara’s mother will never let that happen.
A story of Wania and Naveed who have both chosen the wrong partners.How can Naveed now tell Wania she is the one for him?
A story of Noshaba and Salman where Noshaba’s silent cry of love has the power to cross the oceans.But will salman hear it?
This captivating soap is peppered with laughter and romance, intrigues and conspiracies that will keep viewers hooked from the first episode.
Beautifully shot with powerful acting and dialogues.
Cast:Sangeela,Kamran Jilani,Faiq Khan,Suzanne Fatima,Diya Mughal,Umair Laghari,Rida Isfahani,Haman
Written by Anjum Ansar
Directed by Jibran Bashir



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