Bewafa Hum Na Thay by TV ONE Episode 20

Pakistani Dramasonline Bewafa Hum Na Thay by TV ONE Episode 20

When there are three in a marriage,one person has to leave.
But who decides that?
Sandal is told she has a brain tumour,and that she July die during surgery.She forces her husband Noman to marry her friend Erum so that her family is looked after when she’s gone.While Sandal is in a coma, Erum proves herself to be the ideal wife and mother.But what if Sandal wakes up? Will Noman want the beautiful wife he had? or the wonderful one he has now?
Directed by Fahim Burney and Atif Rathore
Produced by Syed Afzal Ali
Cast:Xalay Sarhadi,Hasan Ahmad,Yasir,Manzoor Qureshi,Mahroosh



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