Shehr e Zaat by HUM TV Episode 16

Pakistani Desi Dramas Shehr e Zaat by HUM TV Episode 16

Shehr-e-Zaat is a Serial based on a Popular novel By Umera Ahmed.
Sheherzaat revolves around the beautiful day-dreamer Falak; an only child to very rich parents. Falak is a student of fine arts who makes the sculpture of the man of her dreams and falls head over heels in love when she finds the breathing manifestation of it in Salman. But the more Falak tries to get to know Salman better, the more he distances himself from her until he finally succumbs to her wishes – but to what avail?
Written by Umera Ahmad
Directed by Sarmad Khoosat
Produced By:Abdullah Kadwani,Humayun Saeed and Momina Duraid
Cast:Mahira khan,Meekaal Zulfiqar,Mohib Mirza,Fazeela Qaiser,Samina Peerzada,Farooq Zameer,Aliya Imam,Hina Bayat,Jalal Khan,Seemi Pasha,Sohail Hashmi,Nadia Afgan,Munawar Saeed



“Allah ki mohabat ke siwa hur mohabat ko zawal hai, Rabb sonay ki mohabat ke siwa koi mohabat sachi nahi”

Why did Falak go back to Salman? She clearly stated that Salman no longer had that special place in her heart which he once did, so what was really going on in Falak’s mind when she decided to stay on even after finding out that Tabinda was living in the same house? This question weighed on my mind more heavily than any other after I got done with watching this latest installment. I went out looking for answers and found a particular article which answered this question beautifully, so I must share it with you. Here are a few lines which made everything clear to me,

“A couple can attain inner peace and calmness through the love that Allah has put in their hearts. This love between a man and a woman includes a very important factor, the love of Allah and the love to serve Him. This is the love that remains through difficult times. It gives each spouse strength and encouragement and the will to sacrifice, not only to please the spouse or children, but mainly to please Allah, Who will take account of every action done in His way.”

By loving our spouses and by trying our utmost to settle differences we humans are actually not doing service to each other but we are actually serving Allah and showing our love for Him because Allah wants to see couples together unless there is absolutely no room for reconciliation. Falak realized this truth and decided to give her relationship a second chance. When she walked out of “her” house, she always expected Salman to make the first step towards reconciliation but Naani’s words made her realize that it was just as much of her duty as it was that of Salman to save her marriage. Naani tells Falak that she had the right to question her husband, to ask him what she did wrong, do “gilay shikway”…. What an excellent piece of advice! Marriage for Muslims in particular is something sacred, it is more than just a social obligation or a relationship that one only enters into if they love someone. Marriage is a religious obligation, a commitment made upon the name of Allah.

I have not read this novel and I have absolutely no idea what turn the story will take but it made me truly happy to see Falak giving her relationship with Salman one last shot. Maybe, this is what she needs to do in order to move on or maybe this is what will make Salman realize what he was about to lose. Falak may or may not be able to salvage her relationship with Salman but one thing is certain that she has done what is right in the eyes of God.

Naani’s words always give me so much to reflect upon and I cannot help but think that so many of us get so involved in making and finding friends around us that we have no time to get closer to Allah. Mehrunissa put her heart and soul into giving her daughter the best all her life but the sad fact is that she never brought her up in a way that she could get closer to God. Mehrunissa’s dialogue “tu kiya chahti ho tum tumhei molani bana deti” hit me like a bullet in the head. How true is that, so many of us are actually afraid that if our children get too close to God or religion they will not be able to fit in the society. Maybe because we forget that at the end of the day it is God Who will come to our help when all others let us down. Falak, like many of us, maybe perfect in socializing with people around her but when it comes to meeting her “Rabb” she does not even know the basics. Her lack of confidence while performing waddu and saying her Namaz showed how ignorant she was despite of all her worldly knowledge.

Today’s episode was absolutely inspiring; it gave me a chance to reflect on my own actions. It seemed more about me and so many people around me than Falak or Mehrunissa. There are so few of us who actually take time out for Allah and we hardly ever see things from a religious perspective. I am definitely going to watch this episode couple of times again before the next one because it will help me reinforce my faith in God. Shehr-e-Zaat really is more than just a play; it is turning out to be an extremely educational experience… it an eye opener. Kudos to Umera Ahmed for promoting the message of Islam and to the entire team for a job extremely well-done. I am eagerly looking forward to the last episode and feel a little guilty about underestimating this play. The message it carries is the need of the hour, we need more dramas like Shehr-e-Zaat to make us realize things we already know but they take a backseat in our lives because of the reasons very well explained in this play.
Written by: Fatima Awan.

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