Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai on HUM TV Last Episode

Pakistani Urdu Drama Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai on HUM TV last Episode – 22

The story of “Mujhe Khuda Pey Yakeen hai” revolves around Arham, Areeba , Narmeen and Shahiq. The selfish, greedy and cunning Narmeen gets engaged to Arham, conning him into believing she is in love with him until she comes across Shahiq, Arham’s brother who is an engineer. Instantly she begins to regret her move and makes a false accusation against Arham so that her engagement can be broken off, after which she successfully marries Shahiq. Just when Arham, who has become a culprit in his family’s eyes begins to get fed-up with his circumstances, his sister’s friend, Areeba, tries to become a part of his life, igniting Narmeen’s jealousy.
Will Areeba succeed in gaining Arham’s confidence?
Will Narmeen try to harass Arham again?
To find out keep watching drama serial “Mujhe Khuda Pey Yakeen Hai”
Directed by Barkat Ali Sidiki
Written by Seema Munaf and Atiya Dawood
Producer: Promax Media
Cast:Ahsan Khan, Mekaal Zulfiqar,Ayesha Khan,Momal Shiekh,Shakeel,Sajida Syed etc


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  1. betterbaglady says:

    This drama was AWFUL! AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL.
    The acting and actors were fine and the basic storyline was ok but the details were terrible and the director seriously needs a new proper day job. Everything was wrong in the story.
    For example, why did stupid stupid Arham not use his knoodle to say “I know this is a lie and I am going to prove it…. Who are these women who came from that NGO saying that the maid is telling the truth”. Why wouldn’t he ask his father to research that instead of looking like a blinded deer in the middle of the road at night with headlights shining in its eyes who can say nothing in his own defense other than to feel sorry for himself and keep sayng “mujhay mere khuda pey yaqeen hai”. Allah doesn’t say, sit back and watch the show… We have brains. If we find something unfair done to us, it becomes our own responsibility to try and correct it, not kick our shoes off, sit back and rely on Allah, saying “I ain’t doin’ nothing bro.. Allah will handle it”. No wonder it took 22 episodes. He could have proven his innocence in 10 episodes and spared us the torture.

    And which woman sits with her arm stretched out over the back of the sofa in a relaxed pose while talking about her impending divorce or marital problems! The arms should move about in a frustrated upset manner and the whole pose should be desperate and taut! I guess women in Pakistan have become very easy now about getting divorced “ahhhhh, come let’s chit-chat and discuss my impending divorce… Would you like a cup of tea? … With some sugar or honey, Honey?…. Yes so as I was saying… I don’t really trust him and may consider getting a divorce, what do you think, my already-divorced friend who’s husband WAS actually cheating on you and married his girlfriend right after you flew to Pakistan?”
    Oh and Narmeen always picked the right time to talk to her mother with her bedroom door open and her BACK to the door! Her husband always seemed to be listening but couldn’t put 1 & 2 together!
    Now don’t let me go on…. Coz I could, you know!

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