Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley by HUM TV Episode 12

Pakistani Desi Dramas online Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley by HUM TV Episode 12

The story of “Mere Dard Ko Zuba Milay” revolves around two friends; Ahmed Ali and Abdul Rehman. While Ahmed Ali is poor, his life is focused on his family Abdul Rehman is affluent. He and his wife Zakiya are devoted to caring for their deaf and mute son, Arooj and get him married to Amna, Ahmed Ali’s daughter. But things get complicated when Zakiya’s brother in law launches a plan to rob them of their fortune.
Will he succeed in destroying the family? To find out watch ‘Mere Dard Ko Zuba Milay’.
Writer:Bushra Ansari
Director:Adnan Ahmed
Production: Moomal Productions
Cast:Bushra Ansari,Serwat Gillani,Behroz Sabzwari,Alishba yousaf,Lubna Aslam,Khalid Anum,Shehryar Munawar,Rija Ali


‘Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Mile’ is one drama that is keeping the audience locked to the screens. Initially the story was moving too fast but now for the last few episodes it has become kind of stagnant. What happened to Arfa was sad and unjust but now she still can’t come out of her cocoon and is dragging the whole family down with her. The family that was once so happy is facing one disaster after another. All the actors have played out there characters superbly. Amina’s life seems to be on track, the only problems being the ones she is facing at work. With the employees trying to mint as much money as they can out of the company and Amina signing all the papers for them without going through them is not going to be good in the end. The only question lingering in the air here is that will Junaid marry his cousin Arfa or leave her alone in the pits and continue with his life?

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