Mirat -Ul- Uroos by GEO TV Episode 11

Pakistani Urdu Desidramas Mirat -Ul- Uroos by GEO TV Episode 11

Miratul Uroos-Aaj Ki Kahani Extended version of Deputy Nazir Ahmed’s Miratul Uroos
” Mirat -Ul- Uroos ” a classic novel of 127th century written by ” Deputy Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi ” published in 1869 novel was based on story of two sisters ” Akbari & Asghari” .
‘ Mirat-ul-Uroos ” was also adapted in PTV Drama serial under the same name, the lead role of “Asghari” was played by Arifa Siddiqui.
This is a story about two families bound with their traditional culture who get their sons and daughters married start to experience social and economical problems afterwards which brings in the element of bitterness in the marital lives of the newlywed couples.
After the death of her husband, Akbari along with her granddaughter Ayeza shifts to her son’s house. She doesn’t get along well with her son’s wife. She decides to get Ayeza married to her sister Asghari’s grandson Hammad. Hammad’s younger brother Hashim and Ayeza’s younger sister Ayema also wish to get married to each other. Ayema has spent all her life with her parents as compared to her sister Ayeza who has been brought up by her grandmother. Although both Ayema and Ayeza are sisters but they are completely opposite to each other with respect to their personality. Ayeza is a spendthrift and has a habit of spending more money than she can afford.
Ayeza gets married to Hammad and takes full charge and control over his life. Their wedding takes place in a lavish setting with lots of money being spent on their wedding. Ayeza manages to separate Hammad after a while from his family which Hammad’s family doesn’t appreciate at all. As a result of this move Ayema’s and Hashim’s planned wedding enters the danger zone as Hammad’s parents do not want to lose another son. After separating, Hammad stops supporting his family financially and Hashim loses his job. Due to the already accumulated debt on Hammad’s parents they undego an extreme financial crisis. Hashim’s sister also goes into depression after her divorce. However Hashim and Ayema get married to each other.
At this stage who will bring a change and get Hammad and Hashim’s parents out of all this trouble. Will it be Ayeza or Ayema? The two sisters with complete opposite personality will come up forward and show their true colors. Who will prove to be a better daughter in law Ayema or Ayeza?
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani
Written By Umera Ahmed
Directed by Anjum Shehzad
Cast:Aamina Sheikh,Meekal Zulfiqar, Mehwish Hayat, Ahsan Khan, Umar Naru,Momal Sheikh,Uzma Gillani,Ayesha Khan & others


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