Meri Maa on GEO TV Episode 3

Pakistani Online Desi Drama Meri Maa on GEO TV Episode 3

The Soap Meri Maa is a story revolving around the family of Mr. Sultan and their love for a daughter, but God had other plans neither the eldest son and the daughter-in-law Yusuf & Fatima nor the other brother Rehan & Nimra had daughter as their 1st child, but Fatima’s 2nd child is a daughter the 1st girl in the family. The story takes a new turn after her birth.
Cast:Anwar Iqbal,Madiha Rizvi,Faizan Khawaja,Hassan Ahmed,Seema Seher,Suzain Fatima and others.
Written By: Kishor Asmal, Raheel Ahmed
Directed By: Wajahat Hussain Gilani



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