Meri Dulari on GEO TV Last Episode – 26

Pakistani Urdu Drama Meri Dulari on GEO TV Last Episode – 26

Susraal Mein Apni Zimedarian Nibhana….Asaan Ya Mushki?
The plot revolves around a girl named Abdaar who is slightly rebellious and behaves like a kid initially and lives with her grandfather along with her mother. Both mother and daughter are condemned by other family members and they are always finding ways to put blame on them. Other family is of Bibijan and her two sons, one is Galib and the other one is Yawar. Initially mischief mongers try to defame Abdaar and succeed as her engagement breaks. Will the truth reveal itself later on? What will be the consequences and everyone’s’ reaction? The story also reflects upon the strong values and traditions of each household.
Produced by A&B Productions
Directed by Amin Iqbal
Written by Nabila Abar Raja
Cast:Saba Hameed,Yumna Zaidi,Sami Khan,Sana Askari,Manzoor Qureshi,Nazli Nasar



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