Man Jalli by GEO TV Episode 16

Pakistani Desi Dramas online Man Jalli by GEO TV Episode 16

Written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar
Directed by Nadeem Baig
Cast:Saba Hameed, Sajid Hasan, Shehryar Zaidi, Mikaal Zulfiqar,Mehwish Hayat, Shamim Hilali, Sohye Abro, Faris Shafi and Nade Ali
A serial set against the backdrop of a lower middle class household, Man jali tells the story of Tooba (Mehwish Hayat), a strong willed and free-spirited girl who wants to make the most of her life, even though her humble background and ‘difficult’ father Wahab Ahmed (Sajjid Hasan), make that far from easy. Having borne witness to her parents’ turbulent marriage ever since she was a child, Tooba is frightened at the very prospect of getting married herself and sacrificing her happiness just as her mother Zareena (Saba Hamid) has done. Yet fate soon brings Tooba face to face with two men who will change her life forever. On the one hand is her simple and dependable cousin Ramis (Faris Shafi) who loves her like no other. While on the other is the wealthy Zavyar (Mikaal Zulifqar), who will go to any lengths to get the woman he desires.
The question is what does Tooba’s fate have in store for her…will she marry for love and live happily ever after, or will she be lead to live a life full of sacrifice and self denial just like her mother. Full of innumerable twists and turns, this is an intriguing tale which will leave you spellbound with its powerful storyline and magnetic performances.


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