Libaas Season 2 – Episode 1

Pakistani Urdu Drama Series Libaas Season 2 – Episode 1 (Libaas 1)

Written By Syed Wasih Shah
Directed By Tariq Jameel
Produced By Mastermind Productions
Love and commitment to the relationship are necessary for a good marriage, but they are not enough……..
What are needed, on top of that, are skills in effective communication and how to handle conflict.”
Quran Paak has symbolized husband’s and wife’s relationship as “Libaas”; husband and wife are each other’s dress. As cloths cover our body and protects us from every kind of weather, so same goes for husband and wife. When they become a reason of comfort for each other, life becomes heaven for them. But when they fail to understand each other they end up with a messed up life.
Third season of the most popular series of GEO TV penned by Syed Wasi Shah consists of stories of such couples who are always together in every ups and down of their lives and of those couples who brought their ego in to their relationship, and left alone in every field of life.
Central idea of the series has already gained popularity at its extent. This time writer has again portrayed the Husband & wife relationship but in new way; as today’s women are much more aware of her rights, some of them use their rights as their strength and some exploit it


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