Annie ki Aaye Gi Baarat by Geo TV Last Episode

Pakistani Urdu Desi dramas online Annie ki Aaye Gi Baarat by Geo TV Last Episode 19

Are you ready for the Dhol Walas to come out and the Bhangra to begin? Well you better be because in the sequel of Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat, Dolly Ki Ayegi baraat & Takkay Ki Ayegi baraat Faisalabadies are coming one more time to celebrate the most awaited wedding of the year. Season Four of the Nation’s favorite show is guaranteed to leave you in fits of laughter and just a little teary eyed as we make sure you laugh, cry and bhangra your heart out with Saima Choudary, Faraz, Nani, Dolly, Sila and the gang!Faraz and Rabiya are desperately trying to keep peace in a family overflowing with the love-struck and Saima Choudary and Fari D’s battle for a bahu! The question is who will Annie end up marrying? Vicki who still secretly holds a candle for Laila or Brit Asian Chav Bobby D who is all set to impress her with a thick Brit accent.Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, there’s lots of fun, laughter and drama coming your way as we celebrate romance, family and ‘all things Shaadi’ in Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat!
Starring:Bushra Ansari, Saba Hamid, Samina Ahmed, Natasha Ali, Alishba Yousuf, Ali Safina, Javed Sheikh, Ahsan Khan, Sana Askari, Uroosa Siddiqui , Hina Dilpazir and so many others
Directed Marina Khan and Nadeem Baig
Written By Vasay Choudhry



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