Shiza on Ary Digital Episode 14

Shiza on Ary Digital Episode 14

The story that holds a bitter truth of a social norm that underestimates the existence of a woman, seems like this is what drama serial ‘SHIZA’ is projecting. The play has tremendously illustrates the awareness of the bitter customs of selling their daughters. Innocent Shiza is caught between her dreams and cruelty ,victimized by the unethical acts of her own father who sacrafised her precious life just to feed his evil appetite. Let’s see what message Shiza is trying to portray.
Written by Syed Atif Ali
Directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi
Cast includes Aijaz Aslam,Sanam Chaudhary,Farhan,Seemi Pasha,Behroz Sabzwari,Rashid Farooqi,Rubian Ashraf,Noor ul Hira,Sarah Razi,Anita Camphor,Sajida Syed,Sidra Jabbar,Shaheen Khan and others

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