Qudrat on Ary Digital Episode 15

Online Pakistani Drama Qudrat on Ary Digital Episode 15

Qudrat revolves around the sensitive topic of belief and superstition. it shows how our belief overcomes superstition, which would otherwise ruin our faith. there is no chance, destiny or fate that can avoid, hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. the serial is based on a true story of an astrologer, known for his intuitions and firm belief. he prides himself on his accurate predictions, but when he foresees a life altering event in his own son’s life, he fanatically prays to allah that his prediction proves out to be wrong. but his son decides to take the matter in his own hand by manipulating an innocent young woman for personal gain.
Written by Batool Bhojani
Directed by Barkat Sidiki
Cast:Ahson Khan, Sajjal Ali, Moomal Sheikh, Talat Hussain, Nadeem Baig,
Hina Bayat, Natasha Ali,  Kunwar Arsalan, Nayyar Aijaz, Fariha Jabeen, Ayesha Khan and others



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