Drama Shehar on A Plus Episode 2

Pakistani Urdu online Desi Drama Shehar on A Plus Episode 2

Project Head:Shoaib & Sadya
Director:Shoaib Khan
Producer:Sadya Khan
Writer:Bushra Ijaz
Cast:Maria Khan,Nomi Qamar,Abdullah Ijaz,Faria Bukhari,Sanam Ch,Sama Saleem,Shoaib Khan,Jawad Rizvi,Zaryab,Asim Jameel,Haider Ali,Shayan & Rashid Mehmood.
Aptly titled, ‘Shehar’ is full of life, containing endless stories of past and present, dreams and dares, crimes and colours, romance and rivalry, craze and compromises! Living in the Walled City of Lahore, Hassu Mian’s adventurism leads the entire family to destruction. His graduate daughter Zaib-un-Nisah’s quest for job turns into a life of sin, while Khair-un-Nisah his epileptic daughter loses her life after an unsuccessful abortion to undo the doings of a fake Pir. Hassu Mian’s son Momin joins the local gang headed by Akram. Shamim Ara is running her brothel house in the neighbourhood. Her ‘gems’ Somi and Billo have a crush on their tenants Walid and Irshadullah. Walid is a rebel son of a politician whose dream to become a guitarist is peacefully laid to rest when he marries an industrial tycoon’s daughter to launch his political career. Irshadullah, son of a poor farmer and a promising journalist loses his path when stung by betrayal in love. Shehar unfolds how innocent dreams, youthful fantasies and little needs lead to rapes, suicides and a serious crime…the crime of staying alive…it all happens in ‘Shehar’!



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