Koyla Ho Gai Mein on A Plus Episode 17

Urdu Pakistani Dramasonline Koyla Ho Gai Mein on A Plus Episode 17

The story revolves around Shabbo who is split between her emotions and desires. Married to a lower middle class Waseem, with a daughter Lubna, Shabbo finds it difficult to control her desire for all things worldly when her sister Fari hitches a bigshot Ishaq. Glared by the galore of wealth, lust and conquests at high class social get-togethers, Shabbo is easily convinced by Fari to ditch Waseem and their daughter Lubna to marry Nawaz a successful businessman vying for a male heir. Partying, travelling, shopping to the brink of madness Shabbo considers herself lucky beyond belief. She is ecstatic! In the midst of this frenzy at once she starts to feel lonely…a vacuum, a hollow somewhere deep inside her soul…soon she knows she is missing her daughter Lubna! She also knows she has travelled too far… A chance encounter with Lubna and Waseem drives Shabbo crazy…literally!!! She wants to but she can’t undo she can’t go back…so she ends up where madness takes one the asylum for the mentally sick!
Project Head:Kamran Khan
Executive Producer:Sadia Jabbar
Director:Abdullah Badini
Writer:Naheed Fatima
Cast:Nauman Ejaz,Rubina Ashraf,Momal Sheikh,Danish Taimoor,Mawra,Saba Pervaiz,Shagufta Ijaz etc



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