Daab on A Plus Last Episode – 26

Pakistani Urdu online Desi Drama Daab on A Plus Last Episode – 26

Project Head:Kamran Khan
Executive Producer:Sadia J
Director:Qazi Lateef
Writer:Nighat Abdullah
Cast:Farhan Ali Agha,Saima Qureshi,Munawar Saeed,Ayesha Gul,Sara Umair, etc.
Decent and well-settled Muneeb’s decision to marry Khawaja Sahib’s daughter Asma infuriates his elder brother Sharif’s wife Nafeesa who has always fancied Muneeb as husband to her younger sister Hina. A victim of her own beauty, Asma has another admirer: Asad, the good-for-nothing brother-in-law of her elder sister Rubab. Rubab’s husband Asim and his mother Kahlida Begum force her to convince her parents to accept Asad’s proposal for Asma. Khawaja Sahib refuses to be blackmailed. Despite Nafeesa’s manipulations Muneeb ties the nuptial knot with Asma. However, on the wedding day of his younger daughter Khawaja Sahib’s elder daughter Rubab returns home destroyed and divorced! Nafeesa’s heart burns when she sees Moneeb happy with Asma. But she waits for her turn which comes with Asma’s pregnancy when she invites her younger sister Hina to take her last chance…and it works. Sick and dizzy, Asma watches in despair the tricky Hina’s slimy ways as she ensnares Muneeb by taking care of small things in his life…Will diabolical Nafeesa succeed in her nefarious designs?


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