Aik Kami Si Hai on A Plus Last Episode -18

Pakistani Dramasonline Aik Kami Si Hai on A Plus Last Episode 18

Story & Executive Producer:Sadia Jabbar
Director:Misbah Khalid
Writer:Riffat Siraj
Cast:Faisal Rehman, Maria Wasti, Ayesha, Shehryar Zaidi, Seema Seher, Seemi Pasha, etc.
A tantalizing tale with a strong message. Savera’s three-year long marriage with Samar has failed to produce an offspring bringing her under pressure from her in-laws to submit herself for testing and treatment procedures. Everything is found perfect with her. She musters up her courage to request Samar to have himself examined. All hell breaks loose…with a hurt male ego Samar distances himself from Savera and falls for Mehak. The two get married secretly. Once the secret is out, Savera parts ways with Samar. She marries Shahzaman a divorcee who had to leave his wife who was a socialite averse to kids. The news of Savera’s pregnancy makes the couple feel ecstatic. The news jolts Samar as he and Mehak are still childless. He undergoes some tests and the reports…as feared…are negative!!! With a heavy heart Samar arrives home where Mehak informs him that her pregnancy tests are positive…Samar is shattered!!!


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